What the heck is Groomology?

Groomology [Noun; the art and science of preparing for his wedding day by a gentleman.]

What the heck is Groomology?

Here at Groomology we are big believers that a wedding day celebration should be a true reflection of both the bride and the groom’s personality and style. You are probably already aware that the wedding industry is mostly… if not completely focused on the bride. But why?…when it is his wedding day too!

Groomology is the first no B.S wedding resource for the modern groom. Its sole purpose is to offer advice & suggestions as to how you both can contribute to ensure your guests know exactly whose wedding day celebration they are attending. We also offer the ultimate vow and speech writing kit. Heck Yes!

We want your guests to say “WOW… this is so (bride) & (groom)” And not so much of …”this has (bride) written all over it”

We think it’s all in the details. It’s not only just in the styling where we can add the personal touches – it’s the “uniquely his” details that make the big difference. Some grooms involvement includes choosing to add in simple touches of their personality like cuff-links or brightly colored socks and jocks. Some grooms like to be involved in all the planning from the get go.


Grooms, whatever your level of involvement is we are here to help you plan your wedding!