Noun: THE Party!

The secret to a great wedding reception is in the preparation.

Anything worth having usually requires a bit of hard work…
and then on the day you can kick back and enjoy the moment.

Here is an overview of the most “important” things you need to take into consideration when throwing the best party… wedding of the year.


Venue/Date/Guest List


Things to take into consideration when setting the date.

The weather at the time of year, school holidays, public holidays, footy grand finals, and even festivals and events that might be scheduled in the location you choose. All these factors can affect the cost and availability of accommodation especially if you are having a destination wedding where guests are expected to travel.


Popular venues book out a year in advance…. same goes with popular vendors. Therefore, it’s important to schedule some appointments and take a day off to go and visit each venue on your short list if possible. Get a feel for the place and especially the venue manager. Sometimes a venue can present totally different to their website photos!

One very important question to ask is regarding noise restrictions and what time your guests will be required to leave the venue. Some venues must abide by strict curfews…so get answers to these question in writing.

How About DIY Venues? Sometimes cheaper, but so much work!

If you take into account the time you spend sourcing everything from wine glasses, lighting, dance floor, marquee to the porta loos,- the cost is usually on par with booking an all-inclusive venue. Only difference is, you don’t have to clean it the next day.

Guest List:

There is no easy way to do this but one thing for certain is that you will need to work together on this.

Start with writing down everyone that you would like to have and then get the red marker out. Do you really want partners, kids, work friends who will cost $200 per head?

I can count 10 people that I haven’t seen since my wedding two years ago! So if you need to, be brutal.

CELEBRATION – The Party People



Whether you have a buffet, food trucks, sit down three course dinner or finger food style catering. Just make sure the catering team guarantees you that there will be enough food. You don’t want half your guests getting so pissed that they can’t remember a thing and the other half remembering your wedding as the one that ran out for food.


Bar Tab: Allocate an amount of money to go on the bar for the night. Once the limit is reached the venue manager will let you know discreetly and then you can choose to up the amount or not.

Tip: People don’t expect you to pay for spirits so just include beer, wine and soft drinks if you want that $2000 to last a bit longer.

Package: Excellent value if you have lots of drinkers on your guest list.

Tip: Start your package earlier than later to get the best value. The last hour of the night I found that 1/3 of the guests were on the dance floor and had enough champagne already, 1/3 were the oldies drinking tea and eating cake and the other 1/3 had moved onto paying for their own spirits.

BYO: Can work out as the cheaper option if you are DIY or the venue allows you to BYO.


Wedding band or DJ, just make sure you hire a professional!

Why spend thousands of dollars on everything else then cheap out on one of the most important parts of the party…the entertainment… the vibe/celebration/party.

It is always better to do your research and book a professional party starter.

That way, they work for you…like all your other handpicked professional Sunshine Coast wedding suppliers.

Their equipment is tested and of a high quality and it is their job to ensure they figuratively and literally “bring it” on the night.