How to deal with pre-wedding nerves

How to deal with pre-wedding nerves

So, she said yes, you have spent months planning and now the wedding day is finally here. Your wedding is one of the top three major life moments you will ever have, it’s only natural that you may be nervous. Pre-wedding nerves are certainly not just for the Bride, so we have some tips on overcoming those jitters.

Firstly make sure you get a good nights sleep the night before the wedding. Don’t hit it hard and stay up all night drinking, keep things low key and make sure you wake feeling fresh.

Eat! Pre organise for caterers to come in and make a big breakfast or lunch. Start the day with a good serve of protein that’s going to keep you going.

By all means, have a beer to relax but don’t hit the booze to early and especially if you haven’t followed the eating tip above. We bet a lot of grooms swear by a bit of Dutch courage to ease the nerves, but honestly this is based on wishful thinking rather than solid science so take it easy…otherwise there might not be a wedding.

Smile and breathe, it may sound super obvious but taking a deep breath is surprisingly effective at reducing those pre wedding nerves. Smiling is also scientifically proven to be infectious, combine the two for a fool-proof combination.

If all else fails embrace it and let your emotions flow. Honestly the feeling you get when you see your bride walking down the isle will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. If you feel overwhelmed and a bit teary just roll with it. If outward emotion is not your game, we recommend doing a “first look” ie seeing each other before the ceremony. Having a “first look” allows for some private time for you both together before the ceremony & may also help with those nervous feelings.


Good luck & have fun!!