One can always trust a man with a beard

Making sure your facial fur is looking the best on one of the most important days of your lives together is just as important as the brides make up and hair.

Popular Melbourne Marriage Celebrant and guest blogger Samuel Miller (aka the bearded celebrant) shares with us his top tips to help keep your beard shining in all it’s glory from the moment you walk down the aisle to party time and beyond.



  • Wash your beard with beard wash 2 – 3 times per week
  • Make beard oil your boss. Doing this will ensure you have the softest beard around and your partner will love you for it. Ultimately leading to a bit off extra attention from your nearest and dearest, due to the manly fragrance emanating from your luscious mane.
  • Get yourself some beard balm as well. This is where the slick styling comes in. Beard balm helps shape your beard and don’t forget about the moustache which also needs regular trimming
  • Always have a comb on the ready in your back pocket. This is  necessary every once in awhile to ensure you can quickly comb any unruly strays back into tip top shape ensuring you are ready for that first kiss.




  • Be patient – In order to have your man fur looking it’s best requires some patience wise one. I know it is patchy and I know it gets itchy as I have been through these stages in the beginning of my beard growing journey. But trust me if you stay the course it will be well worth it for the epic compliments and fierce mane you will develop.
  • Choose your style – Given the current popularity of beards today, there is an ever increasing emphasis on being an individual and developing your own style. When it comes to your beard style it is no different.


“one can always trust a man with beard”


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If you cant find something on this list to tickle your fancy… well maybe, you should reconsider your beard growing credentials.


Happy beard grooming gents!

Samuel Miller – The Bearded Celebrant
Team Groomology Melbourne