Noun: time away together as newlyweds from seating charts, your family (true story) and essentially everything and anything to do with weddings.

Traditionally it is the groom who takes charge and plans the honeymoon as a surprise for his new wife

But these days modern couples usually organise this fun, “to do list” item together. Start here to plan a holiday of a lifetime with your ultimate sick kick and one true love… now officially and affectionally known as The Wife.

Honeymoon planning 101

Take the lead:

Whether you use a travel agent or go it alone, taking the lead and planning a memorable honeymoon will definitely earn you a few brownie points.


Book and plan early to get the best deals. Don’t leave it too late after the wedding high and be sure to give your boss the heads up for time off well in advance.

Don’t forget to tell everyone you book with that it is for your honeymoon – you may get some free upgrades!

Do NOT make this mistake:

Airline tickets must be in the same name as what is written on your passports.

Relaxing or Adventure?

Are you going to have a honeymoon full of adventure and planned activities or are you both more inclined to relax on a sunbed and drink Margaritas all day… or maybe a little bit of both?


Check in with your local GP to see if they recommend any immunisation shots for the area of travel.

Post, Pets and Plants:

With the promise of returning with some duty-free items, organise a friend or family member to look after the three P’s for you while you are away.

No money no honey.

Budget – Once again that dirty B word. Here are some options.

Wishing well:

What the hell is a wishing well?

A wishing well is a fancy “donation box” used at a wedding for couples who have often lived together before marrying and would prefer cash over useless gifts like toasters, wine glasses and photo frames.

Honeymoon register:

Some travel companies have set up a honeymoon register where your guests can log in and leave “donations and well wishes” towards your honeymoon fund. So, as the wedding date approaches the outstanding balance of your honeymoon is paid off by your family and friends’ contributions. Cheers guys!


Parents looking to “gift” newlyweds something of significance may like to put some money towards the honeymoon. This is a fair way for both sets of parents to gift equally.

Bon Voyage!

Give yourself a high five – your main task now is just to sit back, relax and simply enjoy each other’s company with no distractions.