Gordon & Jasmin

Groom Name: Gordon

Venue: St. Edwards of the Riverina, Wagga Wagga, N.S.W

Photographer: Carlylooyah Photography & Design


What do you love and admire most about your wife Jasmin?

I love Jasmin’s generosity and her kind heart, her smile, and I love when she laughs, a lot of the times she gets the giggles and will laugh for minutes about something. I love how she annoys me and constantly talks. She keeps me grounded and always brings out the best in me. She is hard working, very caring and loving. I love that she gets over excited about birthdays, Christmas and Easter, she always over decorates the house according to each occasion. She always forces me to join in on her excitement even though I don’t really go much on birthdays etc. She loves making people feel special-especially on special days. I just love everything about her.

How did you pop the Question?

I popped the question on NYE 2015. We were in Melbourne about to go on a river cruise in the CBD of Melbourne. I wrote Jaz a letter and read it out to her, then I got on one knee and asked her to be my wife. I did drop the ring out of the box because the box wouldn’t come out of my pants and we had to find it on the floor but she was crying and jumping up and down with shock. She took a while to say yes, but I just took the tears as a yes haha and after a few minutes she said yes. Handy hint: Avoid wearing skinny jeans if you’re trying to fit a ring box in your pockets to propose to your girlfriend

Engagement Party?

Jasmin & I decided not to have an engagement party. We both talked about it and thought that it is just an extra expense and something that is not really needed. We decided to forego the engagement party and leave the celebrations for our big day.



What do you remember most about your wedding day?

I remember how beautiful Jasmin looked. I saw Jasmin’s head peek out from the corner before she walked down the aisle and I just remember being brought to tears. She just absolutely took my breath away.

What things stressed you out most?

Family was a huge stressor for both of us. We had to think of so many people, will they be ok with this or are they seated next to the right person etc . And with me being half Fijian half Samoan, I also had to consider my culture and making sure Jasmin was ok with some cultural things- I wanted everyone to be happy.  Catering was another stressor. We had to make sure there was a lot of food. Islanders love to eat so I was really worried about there not being enough food, but in the end my stress was not needed and our caterers did an amazing job portioning enough food for the big eaters.

Best advice to guys that are now planning their wedding?

Invest your time into looking at venues, caterers, photographers, videographers, and cake makers etc. to really get insight into what they do or don’t provide for your big day. As the saying goes don’t always pick the first cab off the rank, make sure you do research so you get the best possible vendor for your wedding.


Eddie- My best man and my little brother. We made a pact when we were young that we would be each others best man at our weddings. He was my only choice for the job.

Mitchell- My best mate. Mitch and I have ben through high school together, a friendship that’s been going for 17 years and I wouldn’t have picked anyone else. I stood beside him on his special day and was honoured he was doing the same for me.



Buck’s night:

Me and the boys spent the weekend in Wollongong. We just drank and ate and drank some more. Safe to say we returned to Wagga pretty hungover.

What did you and the boys do on the morning of your wedding?

The morning of our wedding consisted of playing FIFA on the PlayStation. The guys and I went out for breakfast after that but time went really quickly. We then spent time getting ready and taking photos before going to the church for the moment of truth.

Groomsmen Gifts:

I got the boys a watch each. Really nice classy, black leather band, silver face JAG watches. They loved them!


We went to Thailand for 2 weeks after our wedding. It was amazing, we spent our time drinking cocktails and just relaxing. I loved our honeymoon but my favourite part was finally having time alone with my wife. The wedding and few days after was so hectic that it was nice jut being with her, relaxing. We did love bathing the elephants in Thailand though that was pretty cool!



Bonus points:

Jaz and I both wrote our own vows. It was really special. At first I wasn’t keen on it, but I wanted our vows to be more meaningful. I also had a huge bunch of flowers sent to Jasmin’s mums place the morning of and I had a gift for her aswell that was given to her by her bridesmaids for me while she was getting ready on our wedding day. I also put rose petals in our honeymoon suite for the wedding night-she loved it.

Gordon’s A Team Suppliers:

Celebrant: Pastor Tharren Hutchinson, Seventh Day Adventist Church Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Suits: Miltons Gear

Photographer: Carlylooyah Photography & Design

Entertainment: Sonny & Cass- Acoustic Duet from Melbourne , Dj Centennial & Dj Mystik

Videographer: Aurora Cinematography

Catering: Lamottes Catering