Go ahead, make her day!

The “Bride’s Gift” is an area that we have seen attempted, completely forgotten, and knocked out of the park.


We want to help you be the guy who knocks it out of the park!


We can understand why a Bride’s surprise gift might not be on your radar.

You’ve already purchased an engagement ring for the proposal and a wedding ring for the big day, so surely you aren’t expected to buy something extra!

This is true…however her dress, hair and make up will make her feel amazing on the day but it will not come close to how extra special YOU can make her feel.

A thoughtful surprise gift doesn’t just thank your partner for taking on most of the wedding planning but it can also let them know that you appreciate them and can’t wait to finally start your adventure together “officially” as husband and wife.

And when done right it will add to the memories of the day that she will cherish forever and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

You can trust us when we tell you that this can earn you some extra brownie points to enjoy for many years to come.

So, ask your mum, sister or a close friend to drop in and see the girls where they are getting ready with your gift on the day and make sure this gesture is on your wedding prep hit list.

Top 10 on the day surprise gift ideas

      • Hand written love letter. You can simply write “I can’t wait any longer! See you soon gorgeous”
      • Champagne. Always a good idea!
      • Gift hamper full of her favorite chocolate & snack foods to share with her bridesmaids while getting ready.
      • Slideshow of  photos of your favorite memories to be played at the reception just before your speech.
      • Mixed Tape. A Spotify playlist for her to listen to while getting ready.
      • Lingerie.
      • Earings.
      • Perfume.
      • Shoes. Get her best friend to help you with this gift but we guarantee this gesture will result in super sonic high pitched sequels.
      • Surprise fireworks display. Expensive but SUPER impressive!


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