Douglas & Dilhari

Groom: Douglas

Photographer: Jimmy Izo of Izo Photography

Celebrant: Josh Withers

Venue: Silverado Boat, Swan River

What you love/admire most about Dilhari? She is cute, small and fun.  What a package.  But seriously, she loves to eat all the good food with me, she loves to sing and dance around the house, she is an amazing mumma to our boys and she gets irritated at really ridiculously small stuff and that makes me laugh and that makes her more irritated.  I honestly love everything about her, even the things you think people wouldn’t love.  I get to do everything with her and that’s the best part.

How did you meet?:  She was the celebrant at my sister’s engagement party turned surprise wedding which I couldn’t attend due to my work roster.   A few weeks later, there was a family dinner and she was invited and when I walked into my mum’s house after a big day out with the boys, I spotted her.

Love to/happiest when: We are happiest when we are enjoying a glass of bubbles together or scouring the world for the best mojito EVER!  We love doing the little things like telling stories in bed to hitting up a music festival.  It’s whenever/wherever we are together.

How did she pop the Question? We had gone to Pemberton for a fun family mini break January 2015 (to be read, sampling all the good wine) and after dinner, while the kids went off playing with our friends’ kids, she poured me more wine and asked me to be hers.  I was stunned but in the best way possible.  I said yes of course.

Engagement Party: We didn’t want to have one but her family threw us a small family shindig at her Aunty’s house with bubbles (of course) and cake.  Low key and fuss free.

What did you love most about wedding planning? I loved the idea of surprising her.  We planned our wedding in just over a month and she was responsible for the celebrant and I was responsible for everything else and I loved that.

The look on her face was priceless when she saw elements that I had planned like the boat I had rented for the ceremony.  Her smile lit up her face and I knew I had done good.

For me, it wasn’t hard to plan our wedding at all.  I just kept making decisions based on what was really us and what would make a fantastic day that we all really enjoyed.

We decided to limit the amount of guests because it was too difficult with split families/some family members not being in the Country/some family members not on the best terms.  We never regretted that decision and I liked being able to have a really intimate wedding.

What do you remember the most about your wedding day? I remember seeing her walk around the corner on the top deck of the boat at the stern, popping the very expensive bottle of champagne we had purchased in transit in Singapore Airport (bottle of 1998 Dom), the look on her face when I pulled out a pair of Jimmy Choos for her, dancing on the back of the boat to our favourite tunes and how beautiful my wife was.

What things stressed you out most? Honestly, and this is no word of a lie, there was no stress. Everything was easy, the decisions came easy because I/we knew exactly what we wanted and it was easy to plan. Everything just fell into place and we didn’t worry about getting caught up on minor details. Not having a huge guest list probably also helped because we weren’t focusing on pleasing everyone, just enjoying the moment.

Best advice to guys that are now planning their wedding?

1/  Do something different so it’s memorable.

2/ Put 110% focus on your partner and what will make you both happy.

3/ Dance the night away because you are bound to have an amazing time.

Any advice on choosing the right people to work your wedding? Ask people you trust for their recommendations and go with vendors who will make your day the best it can possibly be. Don’t let “cheapest price” be the deciding factor.


My wingmen were our boys, Michael (7) and Jensen (5). I didn’t have groomsmen.

Buck’s night: I didn’t have a bucks night before my wedding day given the time-frame we were working with. I had a post bucks about a month later (the same day my wife had her post hens). My cousin and bestie planned it. They put me in a dress, took me on a boat for a few hours with a lot of beers, took me into town for dinner at a pub, then proceeded to come home and party until the wee hours of the morning.

What did you and the boys do on the morning of your wedding? The morning of the wedding, I lounged in bed with my soon to be wife and our two boys and then we whipped up a quick brekky and then she departed for the day to get ready and me and the boys pottered around the house and took our time getting spruced up.

Honeymoon: Still waiting to take a honeymoon around my wife’s wedding schedule and the craziness of kids. IT WILL HAPPEN – hopefully Italy.

Bonus Points:
About two weeks before the wedding, I went to David Jones and bought her a pair of Jimmy Choos; her most favourite shoes (based on a trip we took to Dubai last year and the lengthy time we spent in the Jimmy Choo store). I chose a pair of shoes because she LOVES shoes. She isn’t a jewellery person and I knew that this would blow her mind. I had no idea what she was wearing to the wedding, but I knew what she liked and I knew she would look great in this pair so took a gamble and bought the right ones.

I nearly forgot to give them to her during the ceremony, after we exchanged rings, but was very helpfully reminded by Josh Withers, our celebrant, because I had told him about the plan the previous day. She had the BEST reaction.

I knew she would love them because she always talks about shoes and it broke her heart to walk away from the Jimmy Choo store empty handed because she couldn’t decide.

I also wrote my own vows. I thought that it was going to be really hard to do, but somehow, when it came time to writing them, the words just flowed. When I was saying them in the ceremony, yeh I did cry but I wasn’t embarrassed about that. I just love her to bits and me saying those words made me realise that just how much.


Wedding Planner: The Elopement Collective

Photographer: Jimmy Izo of Izo Photography

Celebrant: Josh Withers

Suits & Shoes: Tarocash

Entertainment: Our laptop

Videographer: Jess from Wilde Visual

Venue: Silverado Boat, Swan River

Catering: Family member