Noun: that amazingly awesome moment in time where you and your fiancé's relationship status goes from engaged to married.

The ceremony really sets the vibe for the day and is the main reason everyone has been invited to celebrate with you.

All the months of planning and saving, now come down to this one very special moment in time.
Be sure to take a few deep breaths and take it all in, because it really is the best part of the day and the moment that you will both want to remember for years to come!

Here’s the low down on how to ensure your ceremony sets you up for
the most amazing day.


One thing you cannot do without on your wedding day is a registered marriage celebrant.

The wedding celebrant’s job it to look after all the legal paperwork to solemnize and register your marriage. Essentially, they are responsible for setting the vibe and getting the party started on your wedding day. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter if you choose a male or a female marriage celebrant, but you should definitely have a say in choosing the right person for this key job.

Kick ass wedding celebrants are worth the extra coin and some even book out a year in advance!

Nobody wants to awkwardly sit through a boring and hard to hear ceremony delivered by a guy that thinks he is a comedian and didn’t even bother to iron his suit. So, if you find one that you both “click with” book them before someone else does.

First Look:

Some couples choose to have a “first look” this is where you both see each other all dressed up and ready before the ceremony and it is captured by your photographer. This sometimes helps with nerves but is completely optional.

The Aisle:

When she gets to the front have a tissue ready in your pocket and tell her she looks beautiful.

If you feel comfortable in doing so, shake the person’s hand or give the person who walked her down the aisle a hug.

Personal Vows:

I’m not going to lie – writing your personal wedding vows can be very difficult.

Trust me – you do not want to Google something generic! My advice is to start with dot points and cut them down to about 6 or so “promises or vows”.

Last thing you want to do is write four pages of absolute gold and spilling your heart out to only find your bride has kept her vows short and sweet. So, have a conversation about the length and style and if she would like to read them before the day or keep them private until the ceremony – extra brownie points for this conversation!

It will be up to your celebrant to ensure your vows “match up” and complement each other. And remember – If you wrote them, she will love them!


On the wedding day, you are responsible for the wedding bands which you will give to your best man to keep safe during the ceremony. Your photographer may also ask to borrow them to set up a couple of photos, keep in mind the less amount of times these rings are passed around the better.

Tell your best man to channel his inner Gollum and guard them with his life!