Top 5 Bucks party ideas that DON’T involve losing your eyebrows

This month we chat to Melbourne’s “go to girl” & expert wedding planner – Sam De Silva from De Silva Lining Events about her  top 5 Bucks party ideas that don’t involve losing an eyebrow.


Imagine this. You walk out of the airport, drink in hand, ready for the ‘Lost Weekend’. An all-out boys fest. Women, booze, gambling, shenanigans and lordy knows what else.

This is an all-out extravaganza for the buck – there would be a lot of planning for something like this – passports need to be ready, livers need to be prepped, and so do bank accounts! But the Lost Weekend is certainly something that’s achievable. Think big and glitzy and glamorous. You want to walk out of you rooms looking fly AF, ready to hit the town.

Bali, Thailand, Vegas, Korea, Japan, New York, Monaco, Ibiza, Greek Islands… you name it, there’s an international destination that embraces the Bucks Lost Weekend. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Likelihood of losing eyebrows? Solid 10/10. Think the Hangover.


Now, we know you’ve been dreaming of the big Vegas-style weekend with the boys – but fear not! It doesn’t have to be as exxy as heading overseas (cos let’s be honest, not everyone bank rolls like the Wolf of Wall Street). You can delve a little deeper into our own backyard!

Getting out of town means that you’re away from the hustle and bustle, and can go and do MAN THINGS. Like fishing, or drinking around a fire, or I dunno, shooting bottles off a fence line.

Getting away for a weekend is an awesome way to treat your buck to something special – you can find some wicked Air BnBs out in the countryside – where you get the whole property! Or, use and abuse friendship rights – borrow that beach house, house boat, mates Mrs’ brother’s cabin. The sky’s the limit with this one, but it’s about baring back and getting back to spending some time together and reliving the old days around the fire.

Way more cost effective – get people to BYO booze, food, whatever, and chip in for the accommodation. Sorted!

Likelihood of losing eyebrows? Solid 9/10. Think about Matty. We know he’s going to bring up that cheap vodka he raves about, and polish off a bottle in a night – those eyebrows? Free reign kids.

brewery bucks party   


Guys – we all know you love a BBQ. So gather the boys, organise some fancy meats (have a chat to your local butcher), buy some salads/potato gems/other delicious snacks from Costco, and get cooking! This is a great way for you to keep costs to a minimum – people can BYO booze, BYO a plate of food, BYO meat – the list is endless! You can then add to the night with whatever entertainment you want; but, good tunes are a must!

Likelihood of losing eyebrows? Potential 8/10. Think about how much booze you may mix with, y’know, an open fire with delicious BBQing meat, plus booze, plus eyebrows? May end up in minus eyebrows.


Love the idea of getting a few mates around and having a feed and sinking some piss? But don’t want to organise the clean up and tidy up, or prep of food? Have a think about getting someone to cater for you. Depending on how many people you’d like to invite, there are endless options for food.

Food trucks – these are all the rage at the minute – potato spirals, jacket potatoes, Vietnamese food, pizzas, grilled meats, ice cream trucks, gelato trucks, fancy coffee carts are just some of what’s available on the market. Have a google in your local area for food trucks, or google for the type of food you’re thinking, and Voilá! You have your options.

Now I know from experience that these guys can be kinda pricey – so do your research, and have a chat to them!  You can then get peeps to supply their own booze, or, you can provide for them! Let the shenanigans begin!

 Likelihood of losing eyebrows? Decent 7/10. Think about it – you’re getting fed and supplying your own booze. Don’t be the first to pass out



Gone are the times of a bucks night happening in the wee hours of the morning – lots of bucks these days are looking for something that’s more involved and happens during the day time!

There are heaps of ideas for different activities that you can do on Red Balloon, or Groupon, but here are a few that you can see that have gotten the tick of approval.

VIC/NSW – yep, you guessed it, you get to throw axes at targets. They also offer catering and beverage options too! (post axe-throwing, naturally) – biggest indoor archery range in Melbourne! Group bookings start from $220 – Archery Warz – two teams, and only one winner. – full LARP-inspired warfare from $35pp (min. spend $490 M-Th and $840 F-Sun) – offer a range of bubble soccer, soapy soccer, Quidditch (!!!) and Floorball.

Other activities that have been total hits are;

  • Booze Cruises
  • Go-Karting
  • Paintball
  • Golf days
  • Clay target shooting
  • Leather/woodwork workshops

Likelihood of losing eyebrows? Potentially disastrous 6/10. Think about it. You may not lose your eyebrows…. But an arrow to the back of the thigh might not be how you want the wedding day to go down…


Guest Blogger

Sam De Silva – De Silva Lining Events Melbourne’s “go to girl” for the BEST BUCKS party packages & expert wedding planning & coordination.

Sam is the self-confessed ‘Big Boss Lady’ of De Silva Lining Events. You’ll often see her with either a V or a Red Bull in hand – as she doesn’t drink coffee (we know… shock horror!)

Her passion for the industry started from a young age – her mum had her setting tables for Christmas Lunch, with all the silver and the trimmings, from the age of 4!

Sam has worked in hospitality for over 15 years, and has done it all – from a starting point of washing and polishing cutlery and glasses, to venue management. She has seen pretty much all there is to see!

Her passion lies in food and wine, and the sense of community that Australia has to offer. She prides herself on using local products and services.

Sam is also a professional MC, and loves to plan and execute amazing events.

Image credits – Aaron ShumLife and Love Photography + Swirltography