Bucks Night

Noun: an all-male celebration, especially held in honour of a man who is about to be married or in other words, the one pre-wedding event that scares the absolute hell out of your bride to be.

You have two options for the planning of your bucks:

Option A:
Check your health insurance and hospital cover is in place and leave absolute everything up to your Best Man…
Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Option B:
Let your Best Man know that you would like to keep both your eyebrows intact. Follow our tips to create a night to be remembered… for all the right reasons!

She imagines all sorts of awful things happening to you at the hands of your best man and will most likely threaten to end his life if anything was to happen to you or her brother at this event.

We are certain the Hangover movies may have had something to do with Bachelor’ parties now being held weeks and sometimes even months before the big day!

Top Bucks Night Planning Tips your Best Man needs to know

1. Budget the Benjamin’s:

There is no point in organising activities that only a couple of you can comfortably afford.

Plan a day with affordable activities so more of the guys can make it or if you are going to go top shelf all the way – make sure your wolfpack have plenty of notice to save for that boys trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas.

2. Don’t go too hard too soon:

The groom being wasted by 4pm has ruined many a good buck’s night. Be it a reservation at local steakhouse or drunken dash to Maccas …eating will help ensure that everyone lasts the distance! Also have a couple of activities planned during the day to keep everyone moving like golf, paint ball, go karting or jet skiing.

3. Watch out for dress codes:

Embarrassing buck’s getups might be fine for during the day but may not be suitable attire to get into the clubs later that evening. If you are planning on going out make sure you give the lads a heads up and get them to pack a change of clothes and shoes.

Nothing worse than getting refused entry and having to take an expensive taxi ride back to the hotel to get changed.

4. Who’s shout?

Once the first round of drinks is ordered ask all the guys to chip in for that amount.

Have a drinks Kitty which will help keep your wolf pack together and ensure that it’s fair on everyone.

5. Strippers:

There is no denying that strippers and buck’s nights just go together like Tequila and Tacos. But keep mind that some guys and bucks would rather spend money on other activities, where as some are happy to chip in for some sexy adult entertainment to complete the night. Suss out your group are comfortable with and more importantly, what you’re comfortable with!

6. Drive sober or sleep over:

Overseeing a buck’s night is a big responsibility.

Book transport and/or accommodation to ensure all your mates make it home safe and live to party another day.