Bonus Points

Noun: kudos, brownie points, extra credit, expert level.

Here at Groomolgy – we are all about the Groom.

However, the term “happy wife, happy life” is very appropriate for this section.

If you notice things start to get a little crazy and stressful… and at times they may, here are some extra bonus point ideas to keep you well and truly in her good books.

Save The Princess:

There may be times where you will need to act as a “buffer” between your future wife and a family member.

It may be your mum insisting she be included in every decision about the wedding planning.

Your family – your problem.

And let’s hope she does the same for you and “handles” her uncle’s request of wanting to invite his next-door neighbour and their 4 kids, when your guest list and budget has already blown out.

Two Players:

When planning a wedding you need to stick together.

When your bride is feeling a little stressed and a little overwhelmed with the wedding planning surprise her with a bunch of flowers, bottle of wine or a massage.

Let her know that “you’ve got her back” literally and figuratively speaking.

The Oracle:

There are of course a few wedding planning decisions to “steer clear” of these include her dress, hair, makeup and flowers.

These wonderful Bride things and more can be found over on the The Brides Tree. They even have a private FB page called the “Brides Tribe” to chat all things weddings.

So, if your fiancé needs help with anything to with weddings on the Sunshine Coast, tell her that the girls at The Bride Tree are the experts and they can help.


Pick Your Battles:

No one expects you to perform the dance from Dirty Dancing.

If learning a dance is important to her, remember to pick your battles and give it a go.

We had one lesson on how to Waltz and both gave up on the idea.

Call of Duty:

Take on job of getting EVERYTHING to do with the groomsman organised.

These guys have a big responsibility, not only to stand by your side as you say your wedding vows on the day and enjoy the free bar tab but to also help you get your “to do list” items done in timely fashion to keep your bride stress-free.

Super Combo +50000 points:

Surprise your bride small gift on the wedding day.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive as you have already spent thousands on the wedding.

A bottle of perfume or even a little letter to let her know that you can’t wait to see her at the end of the aisle way in 5 hours.

If in doubt ask her best friend for idea as to what would be a nice gift to give her.

Next Level:

If you can take just one thing away from Groomology, please let it be this!

Never say “I don’t care”

If there is a wedding planning decision to be made that you really don’t care about – be it to do with the flowers, cake, or deciding between three different shades of blue for the invitation envelope.

Reply with – “I don’t mind”

Be thankful and laugh together at the fact that she is making the tough decision as to what shape your dinner napkins are to be folded.