Alex & Jordie

Groom: Alex Marriott

Venue: The Old Dairy, Maleny Sunshine Coast, QLD
Photographer: Life and Love Photography     


What you love and admire most about your wife Jordie? I love how much she makes me laugh and smile, even when I’m tired and grumpy. She would do anything for me, and always makes sure everyone else is ok before worrying about herself.  She cares so much for our dogs and most of all our daughter she is just the most amazing person ever! And I am so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with her. We love to spend time with our daughter Ava, making her laugh and playing games with her.

How did you pop the Question? I made her walk up Mount Coolum, she is not much of a hiker, once we reached the top we sat down to have a rest and I got down on one knee. After complaining about the walk the entire way up I don’t think she was expecting it to happen. I proposed on the day we started dating 5 years ago.

Engagement Party? We had the engagement party at Jordie’s parents house. It was about 3 months after getting engaged. We had around 80 people attend. It was an awesome night!



What did you love most about wedding planning? I didn’t do much of the planning but whenever Jordie needed a hand or help making decisions I was always there.

What things stressed you out most? Thinking about standing up in front of everyone at the ceremony. I had to try not to think about all the people and focus on Jordie

Best advice to guys that are now planning their wedding?

1/  Help our your Bride with the planning!

2/ Make sure you have enough drinks for the big day, you may need them to calm your nerves

3/ Enjoy the planning, don’t stress about everything.

Favourite Supplier: All of our suppliers were absolutely amazing! Our photographer was amazing – Lee Burgess from Life and Love Photography and also our caters Penfolds – best tasting food!


Rick – Twin Brother.

Taylor, Nathan and Kaleb –  are all friends from my childhood that I grew up with.



Buck’s night: We went up to Double Island Point camping for the weekend. It was great to just catch up with the boys and have a good weekend.

What did you and the boys do on the morning of your wedding? We went out to breakfast in the morning, then set up a few final things for the wedding to help Jordie not stress out on the day.

Groomsmen Gifts: I got them socks to match their suits.

Honeymoon:We didn’t go on a honeymoon as we have a five-month-old daughter. Saving it till she is a bit bigger.



Additional Advice:

We wrote our own Vows together –I think this helped to calm my nerves for the day.

Gifts – We got each other a little gift to have on the day.



Alex’s A Team Suppliers:

Photographer: Life and Love Photography

Celebrant: Cassandra Holt Wish Ceremonies

Suits, Shoes & Accessories: YD

Entertainment: Platinum Parties DJs

Videographer: Coastal Videography

Catering: Penfolds Catering