It’s not all about the Bride – 5 impressive ways to add your personality to your wedding day

It’s not all about the Bride – 5 impressive ways to add your personality to your wedding day

This may come as a shock to many, but your wedding day is not just about your Bride. It is actually about you both. So, Grooms let us talk about ways in which you can add your personality & style to the big day.

  1. Attire

This is a no brainer; your attire should reflect your personality, and you should feel comfortable wearing it. Add in your flare with pocket squares, corsages, shoes, ties and quirky socks. You will have these pictures forever so make sure your suit is on point & your shoes are clean. Click here for more style tips. Your lack of involvement here may result in you ending up in pink shirts and ties, simply because they match the bridesmaids, so grooms do I have your attention now?


  1. Vendors

Pick the vendors that you gel with and have the same vision as you. They are here to make your life easier, so shop around to find the right fit. Think about how they can bring the essence of both you and your Bride to life.

  1. Get Involved

Have you got a skill or a passion, maybe you make stuff, maybe you know someone who makes stuff. Get involved with an activity, or project that you can bring to life. Think outside the box on this one. Here are some of our favourite “Groom involvement” moments.

  • The Groom who liked woodwork, who designed and made a cheese board especially for the wedding day cheese.
  • The Groom who was an avid fisher, who got married on the water.
  • The Groom who liked to play guitar, but not for anyone else, who serenaded his wife with there song in front of 120 guests.
  • The Groom who liked distilling Gin and made a special batch just for the wedding day.
  1. Alcohol

So, if you’re not the groom who likes to distil Gin, then opt for something simpler like personalising your beverage list. Create yourselves a his and her drink. Something sentimental like your first drink together or the first drink she spilt on you…potentially this could be one and the same, but you get our point. Take over the decisions on booze and put your spin on it, have a rum bar or a whiskey station.


  1.  Transportation

Cars are an important part of your wedding day. One logistically for making sure you can actually make it to the ceremony, but two also for their wonderful photographic opportunities. Keep it classy with a classic Bentley, old school with a Kombi, or luxury with a Maserati. Fellas this is a perfect time to use your knowledge of cars, but remember be practical as well.

Don’t forget, it’s your wedding day to so make sure you get to have your say as well.